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About Vertox Fund

Vertox Fund is the newly improved, legit and honest peer-to-peer donation exchange scheme where you get 100% of your donation back between 5 mins and 10 days. It was built by improving on the strengths and weaknesses of other platforms, and from the complaints and recommendations of people. This platform is designed to last long and as you can see, we have taken the pains to WEED OUT fake accounts, time-wasters and cyber beggers.

We know that peer-to-peer schemes generally have been given a totally frustrating/ugly impression in Nigeria and beyond… by fraudulent individuals/admins. The goal of this project is to cure this anomaly; to give peer-to-peer schemes a new face in Nigeria and beyond and prove beyond every reasonable doubt that peer-to-peer Schemes can be Sustainable and can impact on the Society positively.


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